Precision Sealing Products

Precision Sealing Products

Keep fluid and gas leakages at bay with GB Rubber’s leading-edge sealing solutions.

Precision Sealing Products

Quality Rubber Molded Parts

Quality Rubber Molded Parts

Ensure flexibility, robustness, and safety across all operational vectors with our rubber-molded parts.

Quality Rubber Molded Parts

Durable Metal-Bonded Components

Durable Metal-Bonded Components

Meet any strength and durability requirements with our reliable metal-bonded modules.

Durable Metal-Bonded Components

Bespoke Compounding Solutions

Bespoke Compounding Solutions

Industry leaders in formulating complex compounds to drive domain-specific applications.

Bespoke Compounding Solutions


We, at G B Rubber Products, strive to be an innovative, lean and customer centric organization providing Rubber to Metal Bonded, Rubber Moulded and Sealing solutions for the most critical applications across industries around the world in accordance to the customer’s specific requirements and standards while ensuring enrichment of all stakeholders and adhering to the highest standards of Integrity, Human Dignity, Safety and Environmental Concern.


We, at G B Rubber Products, intend to be a leader in NVH and Sealing solutions business catering to a variety of industry spanning Automotive, Industrial Applications, Marine and Aviation verticals by providing state of the art product at competitive prices ensuring customer delight, growth in our market share and increasing our revenues two-fold every 5 years.


We act as trusted advisors. We strive to earn the trust of our employees, customers, and extended family through security, transparency, compliance, privacy, and performance


We innovate together. Your input helps us engineer products that best serve your business needs. Delivering new initiatives and technology gives our customers a competitive advantage. This quality makes us the foremost rubber products supplier in the country.


We believe everyone deserves equal opportunities. Everyone should be heard, seen, valued, and empowered. Hearing diverse perspectives deepens connections between people, fuels innovation, and makes us a better company.


Impact demonstrates the immense power of our collective efforts and shared values to create ground-breaking change and deliver excellence for our customers and communities.

Company Overview

Every day, we come to work with two things in mind - provide quality products and ensure customer satisfaction. It was true when GB Rubber opened back in 1982, and it’s just as true today.
That philosophy is what has made us one of the leading rubber products manufacturers in India, serving customer excellence day in and day out.
We started off by making OEM parts for Bajaj, taking one brand after another under our wing. Now, with over 10+ direct and indirect OEMs clients, all we can say is that we’ve come a long way, with a long way to go.

Aditya Gupta, CEO

Our Clients

Rubber Compounding
Rubber Compounding
We pioneer custom-made, ready-to-extrude rubber compounds, formulated using top-of-the-heap synthetic and rubber polymers, and manufactured in line with specification controls that ensure uniformity and complete alignment with the customer application..
Manufacturing Excellence
Manufacturing Excellence
We reliably augment the manufacture of impactful products and solutions via focused priorities. Plus, our consistency in producing made-to-order requirements through bleeding-edge sources has helped us establish ourselves as the leading rubber parts supplier in India.
Awards and Accreditation
Awards and Accreditation
Our unrelenting emphasis on quality and customer satisfaction has not only helped us become one of the top rubber moulded products manufacturers in India but also put us on the receiving end of many accolades, filling our tables and cabinets with great industry honours and prestiges

Our R&D Eminence

To keep our position as the leading rubber products manufacturer in India, we employ the greatest experts in the of field rubber compounding, along with state-of-the-art cutting edge machinery to realise their vision.

We have the end-to-end capability to run complex non-linear calculations, damage and durability calculations to estimate the lifespan of our products and multi-axis test benches to validate products on.

All in all, our goal is to manufacture products that come out of the assembly line right the first time around.


Years of Expertise in Rubber Components


Integrated Manufacturing Plants


Tons of Production Capacity Per Month



We get the job done

Success through
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Travis Kirkpatrick
Founder & Owner
Peter Kirkpatrick
Coowner, Lead Machinist
Amy Newthorn
Production Lead
Travis Kirkpatrick
Founder & Owner

As a family owned and operated company we are hands on business owners and intimately involved in daily operations. Time on the shop floor interacting with employees is routine, promoting their development and be proud of their work.
Clarence Wesley
Senior Machinist
Bennett Harper
Senior Machine Operator

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