Why Custom Rubber Compounds Have Better Performance ?

 From household items like mats, boots, and shoe soles to industrial products like compound rubber, o rings, gaskets, spring seats, and bellows, rubber has been a part of our lives for decades. 

According to a report by Statista, nearly 27 Million metric tons of synthetic rubber were consumed worldwide in 2020. Rubber alone supports a multi-billion dollar industry that includes various key players from across the globe. 

Finding the right rubber products from a trusted rubber parts manufacturer for your industry applications is an integral part of the manufacturing process, and making a wrong buying decision can prove to be a costly affair. At GB Rubber, we truly understand the slightest of variations in rubber formulations that can affect the overall performance of your equipment and machinery. 

custom rubber compounds

 What are custom rubber compounds?

The term ‘compound’ refers to a specific blend of ingredients specifically formulated for serving specific functionalities. The final product created through the process of rubber compounding is known as a rubber compound or more commonly known as compound rubber

Now, you may ask, what is rubber compounding? 

So, rubber compounding is the science and engineering of mixing a specific rubber formulation involving additives like processing aids, antiozonants, fillers, and curing agents in the right proportions to achieve desired physical and chemical properties. In simple terms, it’s all the work that goes into mixing just the right ingredients for your applications specifically. 

Let’s come back to rubber compounds now. 

Custom rubber compounds perform better than natural rubber owing to their unique material properties, increased processibility, Noise, vibration, and hardness (NVH) improvements. Components and products created using custom rubber compounds are more specialized and specialized. In simpler words, the more challenging the product, the more refines and specialized the rubber compound produced by rubber parts manufacturers will be. 

Why performance and consistency are important?

Rubber compounds products are used in industrial applications to serve crucial functions. Thus, they must meet specific performance requirements and consistency standards to ensure the safe and efficient operation of machinery and equipment. 

The performance and consistency of rubber compound products are crucial, as they ensure safety by preventing malfunctions and accidents. In addition to that, they ensure the product’s durability to withstand wear and tear and adverse operating conditions. 

Moreover, optimal consistency and performance improve efficiency by reducing friction, vibrations, wear and tear, thus helping in minimizing maintenance costs, downtime, and potential breakdowns. 

Thus, we recommend sourcing rubber compound products from trusted rubber compounding companies in India or your own country. 

Why Custom Rubber Compounds Have Better Performance? 

 Advanced Material Properties 

Rubber compounds are much more specialized as its custom mixed and compounded for various material properties. Properties like chemical crosslinking allows strengthening or elasticity in rubber compounds for specific applications. Meeting complex industrial requirements often demands the utilization of advanced rubber products that surpass the limitations of traditional rubber.


Compound rubber allows an extensive range of processability and customization to fulfill specialized requirements. It would not be possible for one type of rubber to serve all industries across all applications. It’s rubber compounds that allow creating varying rubber consistency, resilience, flexibility and more. Thus, making rubber a suitable material for different applications across expansive range of industries. 

Chemical Resistance

The chemical resistance characteristics of rubber compounds refer to its ability to withstand chemical exposure without undergoing any significant physical or chemical changes. Different types of rubber compounds exhibit different degrees of chemical resistance depending on their composition and chemicals they get exposed to. 

For industrial applications, this proves to be an important property of products offered by custom rubber moulded products manufacturer, particulary in environments where exposure to harsh environmental situations is common. 

Flexibility and Sustainability 

For more flexible or rigid applications, specific compounds can be formulated and curated for specific applications. The flexibility of rubber is crucial in commercial and industrial applications, and the ability to adjust flexibility of a compound rubber mix is invaluable for rigorous industrial uses. 

Rubber still has managed to remain a sustainable option as in most cases, rubber is sourced directly from trees in the form of rubber sap. 


Now that you know the exact reasons why custom rubber compounds offered by trusted rubber products manufacturer in India are best suited for complex industrial requirements.

And GB Rubber has been in the industry long enough to truly understand the what is right and what is not when it comes to customer rubber compounding. 

Our team of expert engineers and technicians understand the intricacies of rubber compounding processes to formulate just the right solutions. 

Contact us to enquire about custom rubber compounds for your next best product.

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